What does fitness mean to you?

mv5bmtg0njmxmzkwml5bml5banbnxkftztgwnjk4nzm4mte-v1-uy1200-cr148-0-630-1200-alFitness is a word that comes up a lot in my job. I want to be fit, she’s fit, god I wish I was that fit, but what does it actually mean?

When you think about it fitness is an umbrella term. I suppose it was originally meant for performance but these days it can just as easily refer to the way you look.

Most often the place I hear it is from a perspective client when I ask, what is your goals?
The answer: ‘to get fit’

Now more often than not I have an idea what they mean. If they’re a little overweight, they probably want to lose weight.

The thing is though it could mean something else. The same overweight guy or girl in front of me they could also have a history of heart disease, and not too keen on the idea of dying early. There’s plenty of overweight people out there with a good level of CV fitness. Samo young comes to mind from Martial Law! That guy was badass and could run down Husain Bolt. He didn’t look the fittest though.

Keeping it simple they could have just decided they want to run their first 5k too.

The same thing happens in taster’s. What would you like me to show you today?
Answer: I want to work on my fitness.

At this point a taster could go one of two ways but when most people come to us wanting to lose fat and tone up so we don’t tend to make many friends putting some one on a treadmill for an hour even though you could be forgiven for jumping to that conclusion.

So what does it actually mean?

The text book definition gets broken down like this:

Fitness is a combination of; Strength, Speed, Endurance, Stamina, Agility, Co-ordination and Flexibility.

With that we can easily appreciate that the programming is vastly different depending on the goal and this brings me to  my point; know what you want.

Ultimately I don’t mind. Fitness is an open word and can mean to you whatever you want it to mean. When it comes to meeting someone new we will always ask more questions.

Again, the take home point for me is know what you want. As soon as you know that you can ask the right questions, et the right answers and at that point you are well on your way to achieving your goals.


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