Why is protein important for weight loss? 

Why is protein important for weight loss?

1: It fills us up! Protein is the most filling food group. It slows the release of food from the stomach and helps stave off snacking.

2: Helps reduce calorie intake. Due to feeling fuller it is easier to hit our calorie goal.

3: Reduces cravings. Protein balances blood sugar levels which stabilises energy levels throughout the day and halts craving for sugary foods.

4: Promotes muscle growth and repair. This doesn’t mean you’ll end up bulky, it means you can get shape to your body that you’re after!

5: Increases metabolism. Protein actually burns calories to digest through a process called TEF (Thermal effect of food). It’s estimated you burn 1kcal for every gram of protein you eat.

Couple an high protein diet with a resistance based workout to get the toned look you’re after.

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