Client Shout Out – Rachel


Rachel started her journey 6 weeks ago and since then she has lost 1st 4lbs!

Rachel started out really nervous and lacking confidence. She was scared to fail and worried about embarrassing herself and getting things wrong. Working with a Personal Trainer was a big first step.

We believe in building people up. We started with body weight exercises and within 3 weeks she was lifting more than we thought was possible! Barbell squats, DB Chest Presses and really beginning to feel part of the gym. She stopped saying ‘I’m doing it wrong’ and started pushing herself more and more.

In the last 2 weeks we have moved onto circuit training. One thing she’s really proud of is shaving 5 minutes off her chipper circuit time. The first time she tried it took 30 minutes 5 seconds, the second 25 minutes 40 seconds which is a huge improvement along with exercising for without rest for the full time!

Rachel has also been working on her food. For her looking at the calories in her meals has worked really well. It’s helped her understand food from a different perspective and meant she’s not had to lose out on some of things she enjoys. Weight loss is a gradual process.

In Rachel’s head she’s still a long way from where she wants to be. What she has taken out of these first 6 weeks is that she can do it and we want to commend her. Walking through the door is scary and while we offer as much support as we can it’s her whose put in the work and we’re really proud.

Well done Rachel, we look forward to where you’ll be.

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