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Age 22, I was 17 stone. Someone close to me had a heart attack and it was a huge wake up call. I didn’t want to be in a box before I was 40 and I could see my life headed that way if I carried on.

I came to Sean at Next Level Fitness as a client, and Sean helped me to turn my life around.

Now I want to help others turn their lives around. The reason I love Next Level Fitness is because the focus is the same as mine – looking after people emotionally and psychologically as well as physically.

I love knowing the science and the technicalities behind nutrition and workouts, so if you’re ever curious as to exactly what your workout is doing for you, or why you should be eating certain things, I should be able to enlighten you!

Although my icon is Arnie, my ideal client isn’t a shredded bodybuilder looking for gains. If you don’t fit into life’s cookie cutter, the chances are, we’ll get on, because neither do I. I’d rather hear about your weekend playing Overwatch than listen to someone telling me how trashed they got when they were out clubbing.

I want to help people, especially people who want to lose weight, turn their fitness from a negative to a positive, build their confidence from doing that and show them how to apply what they’ve accomplished to other areas of their life. I feel like I can really relate to this and get results for people because I’ve been through an identical process


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