Client of the Month: Lauren Kirkham

client of the month september 2018

#wcw – Client of month – Lauren Kirkham!

Lauren’s lost 18lb this month and 4st since starting!

A little bit about her..

When I see Lauren it’s hard to picture her before picture. Even when someones changed loads, it’s easy to lose sight of how much when you see them everyday, and she has! Lauren’s lost 4 st since she started last year.

The thing is that before pictures not her. It’s not the bubbly person we see in the gym.

Everyone loses weight for different reasons, I grew up with weight on but Lauren didn’t. She went through a bad time and that pic represents just one year, something she’d probably rather not remember. In some sense she see’s it as it shouldn’t have happened, but it does, it happens to a lot of people and she’s worked so hard to change. I think she’s an inspiration!

The last few months we’ve maintained. For Lauren that’s been fine because she enjoys training and getting fitter and maintaining is good too. However she’s got an holiday coming u,p so going into August check-in Lauren wanted to be a bit more focused.

This month she’s lost 18lb’s!

Client of the month isn’t just about most weight lost. It’s about doing something that inspire’s others.

We haven’t done anything too strict, the change this month was mindset. Tightening up on food, a few less meals out and it’s amazing how much difference we’ve seen even when Lauren well into her journey and not just a new starter.

I can’t say Lauren care’s for deadlifts or any of my squat ‘coaching points’ but she does come in every week and give 110%.

Most importantly, she brings me Costa! Americano, skimmed milk and sugar-free caramel syrup if anyone wants to brings one 

Well done Loz!



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