Client of the Month: Rich Mills


Client of month – Rich Mills!

Rich has lost 5kg this month and a whopping 15kg in the 2month since starting.

He started Personal Training giving 100% in to both his training and his diet.

Rich works a 4 on 4 off pattern shifts with both day and night shifts so it’s hard for him to set a regular routine. He hasn’t let that stop him, he fit’s training around work and manages to fit two PT sessions in a week and yoga sessions at home.

Regarding his food, he’s been tracking his calories using My Fitness Pal, prepping meals when he gets chance and generally making better choices otherwise.

During the time we’ve been training Rich managed to dislocate his knee playing football . Again it hasn’t stopped him.

Rich’s determination is something I admire about him; no matter what stands in his way he still makes it in to every session and we work around the barriers in order to reach his goals.

In the next coming months Rich is looking at adding on group sessions to his routine to add on to the 39cm he’s already lost and I personally am excited to see the results.

Well done Rich!

– Abbie


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