Following on from last weeks healthy swap, this week I’m bringing one for everyone with a sweet tooth for chocolate. Which lets face it, is everyone!

Todays spotlight product is ‘Barebells’ protein bars

So let’s talk facts and figures.

A Barebells Protein Bar not only has 197kCal and only 7g of fat but also gives you 20g of muscle building protein, as well as tasting amazing!

Now let’s compare these to a Snickers, which is in the top two of the nations favourite chocolate bars. A snickers has 319kCal and 17.8g of fat, more than double the fat of a Barebells, and it certainly isn’t going to be giving you anywhere near the same protein.

My favourite flavour would definitely have to be coconut choco. Go give them a try and let us know what your favourite flavour is!

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