Fake-aways: Subway

Something new again for the rest of this month. I am going to be giving you some fake-aways.

What I mean by Fake-aways, are healthier options you can choose to have at takeaways/fast foods etc, while still feeling as though its a treat to yourself.

The first fake-away of this month is from Subway.

In all honesty, their sandwiches are all pretty good nutritional wise, but I’m going to go a little bit healthier for you and introduce you to the Subway salads.

Overall the highest the kcal go on Subway salads are 245 kcals and go down to as little as 105 kcals. Obviously this can change depending on extra toppings and sauces, so don’t go too crazy.

Go out and get yourself a salad from subway, my favourite is a classic chicken salad, let us know which is your favourite.

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