Eating Out: Cheeky Nandos

Believe it or not, there are plenty of options at Nando’s you can get that are under 650 calories. So can be very good if you are someone who is needing to be calorie conscious.

All together there are 11 different combinations you can put together that will give you no more that 650 calories, so you have plenty to choose from.

Heres a few of what I think you’d find the tastiest… theres even one in there for all our vegan readers.

  • Fillet steak prego roll with salad and rice – 590 calories
  • Medium 1/4 chicken with peas and corn – 583 calories
  • Chicken pitta with salad and supergrains – 617 calories
  • Sweet potato and butternut burger with rice – 630 calories
  • Medium sunset burger with salad – 641 calories
  • Lemon and herb chicken butterfly with salad and sweet potato wedges – 645 calories
  • Mediterranean salad with medium chicken and peas… followed with a desert (strawberry frozen yogurt) – 648 calories

I would definitely recommend the sunset burger, that would have to be my favourite on that list. Go and get yourself a cheeky Nandos and let us know which one you had!

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