Fake-aways: Indian

Todays fake-away, is for an Indian curry. What is the healthiest option? What should you avoid?

The unhealthiest options you can have from an Indian, are the currys that are the sauciest. The sauce is where the meals highest fat and calories are hidden.

A chicken Korma and a Chicken tikka Masala are the most calorific, on average a Chicken Korma contains 1,100 calories almost two thirds of the daily guideline amount.

The best option you can go for is a tandoori chicken, or just chicken tikka, without the sauce.

You can have a tandoori chicken with either half a naan or half a portion of boiled rice which adds up to on average, of just 380 calories.

But a non creamy vegetable curry can be a good option too for any vegetarians reading.

So my advice would be to grab your partner or a friend, treat yourselves this weekend. Order a tandoori chicken or chicken tikka, and share the rice and you won’t have to worry about those calories.

My favourite curry is a Chicken Korma, so after finding out about the shocking amount of calories, next time I’m going to try the Tandoori Chicken. Go give it a try too, let me know what you think!

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