Fake-aways: McDonalds

In this day and age, telling someone they cant have fast food or they cant have sweets etc, is pretty much impossible. Fast food chains and chocolate advertisements are just constantly thrown at us on a daily basis.

Now I am not saying you ‘should’ eat these but everyone only has so much will power. And when those cravings kick in and you give in, I’m here to guide you towards the ‘better’ options.

As you have seen from the headline of this post, this is about Mcdonalds, and the healthiest options to order.


  • Fruit and maple oatmeal – 310 calories
  • Egg Mcmuffin – 300 calories


  • Hamburger – 250 calories
  • Southwest grilled chicken salad – 350 calories
  • Bacon ranch grilled chicken salad – 320 calories


  • Fruit n yogurt parfait – 150 calories

Opt for grilled items at any fast food chains, as “crispy” or “fried” menu items usually just mean extra fat and carbs that you’re probably trying to steer clear of.

When in doubt, you can take a quick glance at the nutrition facts, which chain restaurants are now required to do.

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