Healthy Snacks: Dark Chocolate

This may be a surprise to you but you ‘CAN’ eat chocolate and still lose weight!

Now please read the rest of this post before running to the shop and filling your face with chocolate.

Dark chocolate contains more fat than regular chocolate and contains less sugar.

Why is this good?

Eating food that contains a lot of sugar will have a bad effect on your blood sugar levels, making you crave more food.

But food containing higher fat and less sugar will have a positive effect on your blood sugar, and leave you feeling fuller for longer.

And if you are feeling fuller for longer, then you aren’t going to eat as much food, which means you will lose weight! HURRAY!

Anything 70% an above is where you want to be nibbling, so go out and treat yo self!. But please keep it in moderation šŸ˜›

They come in many different flavours too, like mint, ginger and raspberry!

You can get these from any well known supermarkets, grab a bar and let us know which ones your favourite!

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