Healthy Swaps: FibreOne

We are back with some healthy swaps this month. If you don’t know what that is, its basically a great tasting snack, but a healthier option you can substitute into your diet if you are having a bit of a sweet tooth and don’t want to feel guilty about it.

Todays snack is about FibreOne bars, and these really do taste great!

Now FibreOne do cake bars, square bars and even popcorn bars.

They all consist of no more than 90kcal per bar, some bars depending on the flavour have even less.

So they are a great snack to have in your draw at work or at home, and when on the go.


There really isn’t much more I need to say, other than my favourite is the lemon drizzle flavour, I’m mad for anything lemon!

Go out grab a box and let us know which one you find the tastiest. Just remember don’t get carried away, that one bar of 90kcal can soon turn into 5 bars of 450kcl.



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