Healthy Snacks: Rice Cakes

Rice cakes may not sound all that exciting to you, but give them a try, so many people swear by them. They are surprisingly tasty and light in calories.

You can get many different flavours if you don’t find the plain rice cakes all that tasty. However we are going to go through the nutritional values of “Kallo” slightly salted rice cakes.

So “Kallo” is a well known rice cake brand and most peoples favourite because of the taste. One rice cake consists of only 27kcal, and only slight tracers across the board in everything else on the nutritional label.

Different flavours will change the overall kcal and nutritional values but not by much, just make sure you check the label just to be sure.


Other brands are just as good too, especially home brands such as Tesco, ASDA etc. And you can pick them up for under a £1!

Let us know if you give these a try and what flavour you try!

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