Eating Out: Cheeky Nandos

Believe it or not, there are plenty of options at Nando’s you can get that are under 650 calories. So can be very good if you are someone who is needing to be calorie conscious.

All together there are 11 different combinations you can put together that will give you no more that 650 calories, so you have plenty to choose from.

Heres a few of what I think you’d find the tastiest… theres even one in there for all our vegan readers.

  • Fillet steak prego roll with salad and rice – 590 calories
  • Medium 1/4 chicken with peas and corn – 583 calories
  • Chicken pitta with salad and supergrains – 617 calories
  • Sweet potato and butternut burger with rice – 630 calories
  • Medium sunset burger with salad – 641 calories
  • Lemon and herb chicken butterfly with salad and sweet potato wedges – 645 calories
  • Mediterranean salad with medium chicken and peas… followed with a desert (strawberry frozen yogurt) – 648 calories

I would definitely recommend the sunset burger, that would have to be my favourite on that list. Go and get yourself a cheeky Nandos and let us know which one you had!

Fake-aways: Subway

Something new again for the rest of this month. I am going to be giving you some fake-aways.

What I mean by Fake-aways, are healthier options you can choose to have at takeaways/fast foods etc, while still feeling as though its a treat to yourself.

The first fake-away of this month is from Subway.

In all honesty, their sandwiches are all pretty good nutritional wise, but I’m going to go a little bit healthier for you and introduce you to the Subway salads.

Overall the highest the kcal go on Subway salads are 245 kcals and go down to as little as 105 kcals. Obviously this can change depending on extra toppings and sauces, so don’t go too crazy.

Go out and get yourself a salad from subway, my favourite is a classic chicken salad, let us know which is your favourite.


Being a PT, I have found people struggle the most cutting bread out of their diets. If this is you, say no more, and hello to Lo-Dough!

What is Lo-Dough I here you ask?..

It is a modern food innovation. It is a bread alternative with 50 – 70% less calories than most traditional bakery products.

It can be used as a tortilla style flat bread, a soft sandwich thin, naan bread, pizza bases, all sorts!

I can go into depth on how this witchcraft is possible but I wont, I will just give you the facts you want to hear!

The nutritional Facts:

  • 39 Calories Per Piece
  • High Fibre
  • Incredibly Low Carb
  • Gluten Free
  • Fat Free
  • Sugar Free
  • Keto Friendly
  • Nut, Soy and Dairy Free
  • GMO and Yeast Free

You can get Lo-Dough from most food stores and online.

Pick some up and let us know what you think!


So this is the last ‘Healthy Swaps’ of this month as next week is a new month where we will be bringing you something new… And so for this last healthy swaps I am bringing you yogurt.

In the final spotlight of the month is ‘SKYR yogurt’.

Again let’s compare SKYR honey vs other honey yogurts. So SKYR has low or in some cases no sugar as well as no fat. And also provides you with 14g of protein per 150g which is double your usual honey greek yogurts.

Now if thats not going to win you over, what will?

SKYR yogurt is a perfect snack at work or at home, and goes amazing with cereals such as granola and muesli. Give it a try and let us know what you think!


Following on from last weeks healthy swap, this week I’m bringing one for everyone with a sweet tooth for chocolate. Which lets face it, is everyone!

Todays spotlight product is ‘Barebells’ protein bars

So let’s talk facts and figures.

A Barebells Protein Bar not only has 197kCal and only 7g of fat but also gives you 20g of muscle building protein, as well as tasting amazing!

Now let’s compare these to a Snickers, which is in the top two of the nations favourite chocolate bars. A snickers has 319kCal and 17.8g of fat, more than double the fat of a Barebells, and it certainly isn’t going to be giving you anywhere near the same protein.

My favourite flavour would definitely have to be coconut choco. Go give them a try and let us know what your favourite flavour is!