Fitness should be fun! Bootcamps are a great entry way to jumpstart your fitness, lose weight and work with our Personal Trainers.

Bootcamps are the gym alternative you’ve been looking for in Rotherham.

Constantly varied, no two sessions are the same!

Workout with a mix of: battle ropes, barbells, tyres, hurdles, sledgehammers, punch bags amongst some of the more traditional exercises you might know.

The ethos; fitness should be fun!

Our members are at the centre of everything we do. Everyone know’s your name and you’ll always be invited to take part in our community events and socials.

Suitable for all fitness levels. The trainers will tailor the intensity to your level.

Bootcamp Timetable:

As a member you get:
– Unlimited training sessions in our private facility with our coaches.
– Nutrition guidance with our recipe ebook so you know exactly what to eat.
– A private member group to get advice from our coaches, tips from other members and to stay accountable.
– Access to our events outside of the gym.
– Access to all StrengthCamp sessions.
– Access to all Boxing sessions (FightCAMP).

Ready to get started?

Send us your details and we’ll be in touch to arrange a no commitment trial.