Healthy Snacks: Bounce

Today I have a really tasty snack, perfect for before or after training if you’re feeling a little drained and need a boost.

Bounce make small packets of protein balls, to give you a kick of energy, with no artificial ingredients they are an ideal guilt free snack to keep you moving.

They do a wide variety of flavours, like coconut macadamia, salted caramel and dark chocolate raspberry.

Depending on the flavour the calories can rise a reasonable amount more than snacks iv suggested in the past, but averaging at around 175kcal a packet they are still barely breaking the bank.


With so many flavours theirs bound to be one that you love. You can pick these up from most large food suppliers and online.

If you enjoy baking, we have a recipe for protein balls too, go check it out>>>

Grab a packet for the next time you are working out and let us know what you think!

Healthy Snacks: Graze

Here’s a little snack that has plenty of flavour and I know you’re going to love!

Graze do a variety of different snacks. but I’m going to focus on the little packets of assorted nuts, which they do in a variety of different flavours, from BBQ to Spicy Tai.

The BBQ flavour contains only 139kcal a packet, and other flavours contain around the same, some going as low as 114kcal, some rising slightly higher. So be sure to check the packet when picking up your flavour.

You can even pick up protein power packets that have a big spike in protein so great and easy if you want to get your protein intake up.


Grab a packet and try the different flavours. I’m a big BBQ fan, let me know which one you find the tastiest.

Healthy Snacks: Rice Cakes

Rice cakes may not sound all that exciting to you, but give them a try, so many people swear by them. They are surprisingly tasty and light in calories.

You can get many different flavours if you don’t find the plain rice cakes all that tasty. However we are going to go through the nutritional values of “Kallo” slightly salted rice cakes.

So “Kallo” is a well known rice cake brand and most peoples favourite because of the taste. One rice cake consists of only 27kcal, and only slight tracers across the board in everything else on the nutritional label.

Different flavours will change the overall kcal and nutritional values but not by much, just make sure you check the label just to be sure.


Other brands are just as good too, especially home brands such as Tesco, ASDA etc. And you can pick them up for under a £1!

Let us know if you give these a try and what flavour you try!

Healthy Snacks: Soreen Mini Loaves

Halloween is coming up and I found a themed snack just for you, to enjoy over the season, as well as after the season too.

Soreen have a new mini loaf flavour just for halloween called, “Chocolate & blood orange”. I know the name sounds little odd but don’t knock it till you try it.

So these Soreen mini loaves contain 105kcal/ 2.5g fat/ 6.7g sugars.

Its a pretty good guilt free snack you can pop in your lunch box, your pocket, draw, wherever. Easy to have on the go if you live a busy lifestyle.


Once the Halloween period is over and there are no longer any of the themed flavour, do not fret. The original malt lunchbox loaves have even less calories, 91kcal to be exact, so even more guilt free.

Grab a packet over the weekend to have during your lunch through the week, and let us know what you think of the Halloween flavour!


Healthy Swaps: FibreOne

We are back with some healthy swaps this month. If you don’t know what that is, its basically a great tasting snack, but a healthier option you can substitute into your diet if you are having a bit of a sweet tooth and don’t want to feel guilty about it.

Todays snack is about FibreOne bars, and these really do taste great!

Now FibreOne do cake bars, square bars and even popcorn bars.

They all consist of no more than 90kcal per bar, some bars depending on the flavour have even less.

So they are a great snack to have in your draw at work or at home, and when on the go.


There really isn’t much more I need to say, other than my favourite is the lemon drizzle flavour, I’m mad for anything lemon!

Go out grab a box and let us know which one you find the tastiest. Just remember don’t get carried away, that one bar of 90kcal can soon turn into 5 bars of 450kcl.