Healthy Snacks: Ice Cream Lollies

Summer is here, and I have the perfect guilt free snack for you to enjoy in the sunshine!

If you guys can remember I did a post a while back about the Halo Top ice cream tubs, and if you haven’t seen the post go check it out.

Well this week Is about Halo Top again but of their recently new released Ice cream lollies!

Starting from 80 calories to no more than 100 calories as well as 4-5g of protein!

I really am a big fan of these, they taste great and you don’t have to worry about any hidden calories.

If you’ve tried the Halo top tub, go get your favourite flavour in the lollies and let us know how you think they compare.

Healthy Snacks: Propercorn

Todays post on a healthier snack is propercorn. No I haven’t made a spelling mistake it is spelt “Propercorn”.

Propercorn is a relatively new brand of popcorn, that seems to have been a big hit in the supermarkets!

They come in a variety of flavours, from chocolate, to sour cream and black pepper. So theres plenty of flavours to choose from.

Each bag comes with less than 136kcal and they go as low as 88kcal per bag, which means you aren’t sacrificing flavour for calories.

Also leading on from last weeks post, Propercorn has much lower sugar contents than usual popcorn products aiding in your goal for weight loss.

As well as the above, they are also fairtrade, gluten free and vegetarian.

Go try Propercorn if you haven’t already, and let us know what your favourite flavour is!

Healthy Snacks: Dark Chocolate

This may be a surprise to you but you ‘CAN’ eat chocolate and still lose weight!

Now please read the rest of this post before running to the shop and filling your face with chocolate.

Dark chocolate contains more fat than regular chocolate and contains less sugar.

Why is this good?

Eating food that contains a lot of sugar will have a bad effect on your blood sugar levels, making you crave more food.

But food containing higher fat and less sugar will have a positive effect on your blood sugar, and leave you feeling fuller for longer.

And if you are feeling fuller for longer, then you aren’t going to eat as much food, which means you will lose weight! HURRAY!

Anything 70% an above is where you want to be nibbling, so go out and treat yo self!. But please keep it in moderation 😛

They come in many different flavours too, like mint, ginger and raspberry!

You can get these from any well known supermarkets, grab a bar and let us know which ones your favourite!

Fake-aways: McDonalds

In this day and age, telling someone they cant have fast food or they cant have sweets etc, is pretty much impossible. Fast food chains and chocolate advertisements are just constantly thrown at us on a daily basis.

Now I am not saying you ‘should’ eat these but everyone only has so much will power. And when those cravings kick in and you give in, I’m here to guide you towards the ‘better’ options.

As you have seen from the headline of this post, this is about Mcdonalds, and the healthiest options to order.


  • Fruit and maple oatmeal – 310 calories
  • Egg Mcmuffin – 300 calories


  • Hamburger – 250 calories
  • Southwest grilled chicken salad – 350 calories
  • Bacon ranch grilled chicken salad – 320 calories


  • Fruit n yogurt parfait – 150 calories

Opt for grilled items at any fast food chains, as “crispy” or “fried” menu items usually just mean extra fat and carbs that you’re probably trying to steer clear of.

When in doubt, you can take a quick glance at the nutrition facts, which chain restaurants are now required to do.

Fake-aways: Indian

Todays fake-away, is for an Indian curry. What is the healthiest option? What should you avoid?

The unhealthiest options you can have from an Indian, are the currys that are the sauciest. The sauce is where the meals highest fat and calories are hidden.

A chicken Korma and a Chicken tikka Masala are the most calorific, on average a Chicken Korma contains 1,100 calories almost two thirds of the daily guideline amount.

The best option you can go for is a tandoori chicken, or just chicken tikka, without the sauce.

You can have a tandoori chicken with either half a naan or half a portion of boiled rice which adds up to on average, of just 380 calories.

But a non creamy vegetable curry can be a good option too for any vegetarians reading.

So my advice would be to grab your partner or a friend, treat yourselves this weekend. Order a tandoori chicken or chicken tikka, and share the rice and you won’t have to worry about those calories.

My favourite curry is a Chicken Korma, so after finding out about the shocking amount of calories, next time I’m going to try the Tandoori Chicken. Go give it a try too, let me know what you think!