I came to Sean a year ago having tried on my wedding dress that didn’t fit and bulged in places it shouldn’t. I told him that I had a year to get into my wedding dress.

Having never had a Personal Trainer before I was very nervous about some fit guy seeing me jiggle all my wobbly bits. Sean was very friendly, talkative and forthcoming which put me at ease straight away. He wasn’t your cliché of a Personal Trainer and quickly became a friend.

I trained with Sean once a week for a year. I’m not a gym-goer, I don’t exercise and hate any sort of running/lifting/stretching but Sean pushed me. I moaned every step of the way and fought him on most things but I did it, I lost 2 stone and still had a pizza every weekend!

On the day of the wedding, I was shocked at the scales. The dress fitted perfectly and I felt amazing. I can’t thank Sean enough as I had my dream wedding without any worries of bulges. I had so many compliments it was unreal.

If you want to lose weight, tone up or just get fit then Sean is your guy!!! If he can get me to lose weight then he can do anything. A top lad that will get you to your target and have a laugh along the way. xx

Rebecca Drummond

I can’t rate Sean highly enough. He’s motivating, fun, informative and tough when needed. Without him I wouldn’t have lost 6 stone in the last 6 months. Highly recommend you give him a try.. you won’t look back 🙂

Total loss – 84 lbs

Nanette Mallinder