Personal Training

At Next Level Fitness, we specialise in helping you to create long term change. To achieve your personal goals and enjoy training.

All our team of trainers are highly experienced coaches with broad skillsets including strength training, circuit training, functional fitness, boxing, rehabilitation, nutrition and mindset.

Initially, we will speak to you about your goals, your needs and exercise history then match you with the best coach to get your result.

Sessions take place from our private gym in Rotherham.

All our Personal Training packages include:

Professionally programmed sessions so you are always getting the most out of your time at the gym. Working to your level and you can be confident you are performing exercises optimally with the right technique.

Our training methods focus on showing measurable performance improvement so you’re at your physical peak whilst achieving your body goals.

Nutrition Guidance so you know exactly what to eat. Nutrition is about learning more about food and creating new habits so you can create a healthy relationship with food. We will support you all the way. You also get our Recipe eBook when you sign up.

Mindset and Goal Setting. We will regularly check your measures and set new targets so you are always motivated and we can plan for any obstacles that might come in your way such as going for a night out and enjoying it without compromising your goals.

Unlimited Training Camp Session so you never have to be lonely following a program at another gym. With Training Camp’s you can add in extra sessions without increasing the cost of your package and workout with our like-minded members all motivated towards the same goal as you.

Access to Next Level Community. When you join us you join a team. We genuinely care about all our client’s and offer online support outside the gym. We also host regular socials and challenges which you and your family are welcome to attend.


Get in touch today to find out we can support you reach your goals!

Before committing to a full package with us we offer a Personal Training Trial for £35 which includes 2 x 1-hour Personal Training sessions and access to all our Training Camp sessions so you can come down and make sure we’re a great fit for you!